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Local rates Cape Columbine OR Beach Tour(tide permitting)


Looking forward to seeing you on an adventure soon

Activity Description

Local rates applicable to South African citizens only. T & C’s apply.
Experience an unforgettable feeling of freedom while riding effortlessly through the beautiful West Coast landscape in Paternoster.

Our unique eco-friendly eBike Tours are professionally guided.

The eBikes are easy to ride, have comfortable seating positions, and fat tyres give excellent traction in the sand.
Please remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time. Tour briefing will start 10 minutes before departure.

We want to WOW you, having the experience of your life!


DurationOpen Ended
WhenSeven days a week in good weather condition
Where1 Kreeftegang, Crayfish Wharf, Paternoster, 7381 Paternoster Waterfront
WeatherIn case of heavy rain & storms we will make alternative arrangements.
What to WearComfortable clothing and closed shoes
Things to BringA camera Sunblock (also option to buy)
Guests or SpectatorsGuest under the influence of alcohol may not join this tour


Minimum Age12 years
Minimum Height1.4 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelAverage
QualificationsNot Applicable
Maximum Weight120.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelIntermediate

Inclusions and Exclusions


A bottle of water
Safety vest

ExclusionsOptional Padkos Box which includes: 40g Beef Biltong, 40g Snapstix, 40g Dry Wors, 40g Mixed Nuts, 40g Dried Mango, 25g Pretzels, 40g Wine Gums


1. Minimum age: 12 years
2. Minimum length: feet must be able to reach the pedals at lowest point
3. Maximum weight: 120kg
4. Experience required: rider must be able to ride a pedal bicycle
5. Never extend seat post above maximum indicated height
6. Always wear a helmet
7. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the time.
7.Please remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before Tour time.
7. Always wear a reflective vest
8. Always follow guide’s instructions
9. Always stay behind the guide
10.Always ride in single file, except on beach
11.Always keep a safe following distance
12.Always stay in the group
13.When in town, always keep left and watch out for traffic
14.Beware of cars, pedestrians and dog walkers
15.Stay clear of sea water and ride above water mark

All contact points on eBikes are sanitized after each ride
Helmets are supplied and sanitized after each ride
Welcome to bring along own cycling helmet if preferred
WOW eBikes buffs are available for sale
Wearing Sun Block is advisable and also for sale

Customer Reviews

Read about ebikes but never tried one - currently use a MTB. With my son on holiday we decided to try a Cape Columbine Wowebike tour. Excellent experience would recommend it to anyone that enjoys the outdoors and cycling. The bikes are in great condition and very easy to use even for a novice. Hills are no problem with the "turbo" boost. Having seen Cape Columbine lighthouse several times from sea it was a first on land. The guides were informative and made the experience fun. - Alan Crichton

We had a very enjoyable ride along the beautiful beaches. I recommend that all visitors to Paternoster just do it. The owners and staff are attentive, informative and helpful the the E-bikes are WOW! - Judy Lawrence

My husband and I absolutely loved the experience! The guides were knowledgeable and courteous. The views were breathtaking. Meandering with the e-bikes on uneven and sandy terrain was easier than we thought. We'll definitely do it again! - Joy Collins

What a wonderful experience. Wind were a bit crappy on the day, but mother nature is set in her own ways! Thanks for the E- Bike assistance with the electric power, WOW!! This makes life easy on the bike for a big guy like me. The kids loved it!! Staff, wonderful, friendly and very helpful, even took short video clips for us. Next time we will take mum with. - Anthony Hearn

We were a family group who made used of the WOW E-Bikes in the Columbine Reserve in Paternoster. What a fantastical, fun time we had!!! Had no idea what to expect, but fun and lots of laughter were had by all. The guides were excellent. Giving us a ride around the car park to familiarise ourselves, assisting us, providing safety tips, as well as keeping us safe on the road. They took care of a novice, and were so patient and kind to her. Assisting riders where we struggled up some very steep hills. Will definitely do it again! Recommended for a great afternoon out. - Colleen du Toit

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